Why organic?
On a very basic level, we want to stop polluting the earth, reduce plastic use and reduce the amount of rubbish added to landfills. We are also able to limit the amount of toxins to which our clients and employees are exposed. It isn't uncommon for local landscapers to bag organic items and dump the bag at the landfill, which unnecessarily adds more plastic to the landfill.

Is organic more expensive?
No, everything we do is moderately priced. We do not charge more for our environmentally ethical services.

What do you do with any plastic used?
We recycle or reuse ALL of our plastic.

What if it's absolutely necessary to use toxins?
If toxins are needed we contract it to a certified tech who specializes in responsible use.

What areas do you service?
We service Wolcott to East Vail, and all house sizes.