We are out of drought, but that doesn't mean leave the faucet on...

Thanks to a normal winter and southern Colorado coming on strong the second half of the season, 99% of Colorado is officially out of drought. Last winter we were encouraging clients to water newly planted trees every few weeks to reduce the likelihood of mortality. This season, we will start spring with healthy trees, plants and grass. After an extremely low native food season, our local wildlife is thriving as well (note the large Rocky Mountain Sheep herd that is grazing in East Vail). As exciting as that is, it doesn’t mean we can go crazy with water use this coming summer. Stand by as we watch the weather and hope that Mother Nature keeps sending us vital precipitation.

As always, we encourage our friends and clients to conserve water when ever possible. Here are a few easy water saving methods:

Turn the faucet while brushing teeth

Put a jug of water in the fridge so you always have cold water available

Repair any leaks immediately