More Tea Please...

Next time you are buying that delicious large refreshing Iced Chai Tea form your local Coffee/Tea house take a moment to think about how much your summer garden would love to absorb a similar treat.  Compost tea is a great early summer supplement for your garden and cheaper by the ounce than your $5 ice chai tea.

Your garden needs tea too - compost tea that is.  It is a liquid formula created by a process of combining good quality compost, water, aeration and a compost catalyst into a succulent foamy brew filled with nutrients, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoans that are going to do their work on your plants.  Compost tea feeds your plants through the roots (via the soil around the plants) and leaves via (foliar absorption), without the constant build up of chemicals and salt that synthetic fertilizers cause in your garden soil.

The compost tea is applied to the soil before planting including directly into the hole for your new or transplanted plants, then applied every 2 weeks once the plant has established itself in its new location.  Use a spray bottle and/or watering can for watering the soil and leaves for foliar and root absorption.  the application process should include about 4-6 applications and be completed by mid July (in the northern hemisphere).  If you allow the plant too much of a good thing it will expend all its energy creating thick foliage and may nor produce its final fruits.  4-6 applications will give the plant the source it needs to build strong roots and stems, beautiful foliage and then fruit.

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